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One village. One hundred lives. One hundred stories.

The 100 in Hamble is a photography project to capture the look and lives of 100 women living in Hamble, Hampshire on the south coast of England in the second decade of the third millennium.

Each of the women – one of every age of the one hundred years represented – sits for a portrait in the studio with Tina Chisnell. Afterwards they are interviewed about their lives; from surviving the blitz in the Second World War, to a rushed ambulance ‘delivery’ trip to the Princess Anne maternity hospital.

All the women have a story to tell, some ordinary, some exceptional, their individual lives revealing the history of the village through its people. It's the story of our village, but it could be yours.

The project had got no further than an idea in 2016 when Tina Chisnell suffered from Encephalitis, a rare condition of brain inflammation that leaves sufferers with memory loss. At first Tina didn’t even recognise her husband, wasn’t sure how many children she had, their ages or names.

Since then, she has been fortunate to have a strong recovery, and once she started to return to work a few months after getting out of hospital, the idea of the 100 in Hamble resurfaced. A project about memories seemed the perfect way to recover memory, allowing her to reconnect with the village and the people in it.

Tina Chisnell has her portrait studio and home in the village, where she lives with her husband, two children and their dog. Her website can be found at: www.tinachisnell.com

The 100 in Hamble project is supported by local businesses including Tim Hughes Hairdressing on Hamble’s cobbled High Street, the Sea Sky design and gallery studio – offering the community art and craft workshops throughout the year from Hamble Square – and the legendary La Dolce Vita restaurant.